Horfield & Redland Chess Club

Redland Park Church 

Redland Park Church - our home venue.

Horfield & Redland is one of the top chess clubs in the Bristol area. We run three teams in the Bristol & District Chess League.

Whatever your playing strength, you are very welcome to come along to one of our club nights. You are under no obligation to join until you've had a few visits to try us out. We play at 1 Redland Park, next to the United Reform Church, just off Whiteladies Road (see map). We are normally open on Tuesdays from 7:30pm to 10:30pm between September and April. Click here to check the list of open dates and here for the Club Secretary's contact details.

5 Dec We shall be having a Horfield & Redland club evening on Tuesday 23 December. The exact format isn't decided but basically the idea will be to have some light-hearted chess games at a quick rate of play and then for those who fancy it to repair to a nearby curry-house. Play starts at 7.30.
24 Aug Our season curtain-raiser is an informal night at our usual (U.R.C.) venue on 2 September. This should be a good opportunity to brush off the cobwebs and prepare for the coming season. Anyone who might like to join us this would be a good time to come along!

Our first competitive matches are on 9 September. The fixture list is now available, so it will be possible to put dates in diaries. Best wishes for what we hope will be a successful season!
22 May Club championship results: Andrejs 3/3 Club Champion and winner of Davies Trophy; Kajetan, Derek, Christopher, Peter 3/5; Carl, Frank 2/2; Mike H, Phil, Nigel 2/5 (Nigel U150 Trophy winner); Roger 1.5/2; Jon 1.5/5; Howard 1/1; Mike L, Harvey 1/2; Rob, Graham 1/5; Marvin 0/1.

Congratulations to our winners. The last game to finish decided the championship between Andrejs Olehnovics and Kajetan Wandowicz so there was no easy option for the engravers. They reached a theoretically drawn, but difficult to defend, rook + h and f pawn v rook ending. Kajetan missed the stalemate resource so Andrejs completed an impressive 3/3 against rivals Kajetan, Christopher and Derek to win the event from just one evening’s results.
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